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The only site on the web bringing you the very best hand-picked quotes from all three seasons of the much revered television series, The Office. No, it’s not “The UK Office” or “The British Version”. In our eyes, there is only one office, and that is the original office. The raison d’etre of this site is very much thanks to the man in the picture below. The Brentmeister General.

You see the Brentmeister General is cult-like in our eyes, and because of this we’ve endured blood, sweat and tears to serve you up only the funniest David Brent Quotes. Yes, we’ve spent hours trawling all three episodes of The Office in search the creme-de-la-creme of quotes to feature on this site. We can safely say that the toil has been worth it. This site covers them all.

The man himself

David Brent has been described as delusional, cringeworthy, and egotistic whilst also falling victim to the Dunning-Kruger effect. For us fans, he is all of the above and more. He’s a friend first, a boss second, and probably an entertainer third.

He’s also refreshingly laid back for a man with such responsibility. A self-described philosopher, poet , musician (read rockstar) and sublime dancer. Misogyny is also one of his strong points. He is charitable chap. A man who has done five fun runs in two years and is mad enough without the gear.

An evangelist who’s spreading the word in Slough. Once he’s done with Slough, he’ll move onto Reading, Aldershot, Bracknell, Didcot, Yateley. Winnersh. Taplow. He is a renegade and unorthodox, and doesn’t play by, “The Rules”. This is the character that you know and love as David Brent.

The man we love to hate and also all hate to love, because let’s face it, at one point or other in our lives, WE HAVE ALL come across a “David Brent”. There are “David Brent’s” in every facet of our lives. It is only the degree to which these people are “brentified” that remains the question.

Whenever we come across these individuals, there is a natural affinity to match them up with particular Brent moments from the series, and more specifically David Brent quotes. This is where this website comes in very useful.

What’s on the site

david brent the office

This website has been founded to document the very best quotes and scenes from the entire Office series. All the quotes are split out by season: Season 1, Season 2, and the Xmas Special.

We also included a few quotes from Life On The Road. Not the best of Brent’s work, but one way to keep the money rolling in I suppose. Don’t forget to also check our section comprising of a large range of David Brent Memes.

There is an entire section profiling all the main characters from The Office. These pages cover off the most important attributes of each character, their interactions with other characters in the series, and more detail on who actor was behind the given character.

You can find detailed synopses on Gareth Keenan, Tim Canterbury, Dawn Tinsley, Neil Godwin, Jennifer Taylor-Clarke, Chris Finch, Keith Bishop, Ricky Howard, and Simon the computer geek.

Finally we have a page dedicated to all the best songs from the album, Life On The Road. It was recorded by Brent’s band, Foregone Conclusion who were revived when Brent came in the film of the same name.

“Live fast. Die old.”