David Brent sang a number of songs in The Office series. Most notably in Season 1, Episode 4, known as the Training episode. Brent sings Freelove Freeway, Spaceman and Paris Nights in this episode along with an epic cover of Every Breath You Take by The Police.

When Brent returns several years later in Life On The Road, his band Foregone Conclusion has been restored and they end up recording a new album with the same namesake which launches as a soundtrack alongside the film.

life on the road soundtrack

In order to bring Foregone Conclusion back from the dead, Brent takes a month of unpaid leave and uses money from his pension to pay the salaries of his fellow member. Brent also recruits the services of his rapper friend Dom Johnson, who features on songs like Equality Street and Ain’t No trouble. The band start touring in Berkshire.

As the tour progress, the band and crew refuse to socialise with Brent (unless they are paid to do so), and even make David drive behind the tour bus claiming there is no room for him. When Brent finally manages to convince an A&R person from record company to attend a show, they are more enamoured in Dom Jonhson’s rapping skills than by Brent’s music.

As the costs of the tour begin to spiral out of control, sound engineer Dan candidly confronts a dejected Brent, telling him to stop wasting his money. The band plays one final show before calling it quits.