The Office Characters (UK)

The reason why The Office was such a success and subsequently has gained a cult following with websites like this one and Facebook pages like these is because the lead character, David Brent, is supported by a really strong stable of other office characters.

characters in the office

Some of these characters like Tim, Gareth and Dawn are pivotal throughout the series, where as others like Chris Finch, Simon the computer geek, and Jennifer Taylor-Clarke have more fleeting appearances throughout the series.

Each of the supporting characters persona’s had a great deal of depth to them, were relatable, and had traits and behaviours we all could identify with in one way or another.

We’ve identified what we consider to be the 9 most prominent characters in The Office, albeit some appearances were rather fleeting like Simon, the computer geek.

To read more about the individual characters, the role they played in the series and what made them so special, simply click on the respective mugshots below.