Spaceman came down to answer some things 
The world gathered round from paupers to kings 
“I’ll answer your questions, I’ll answer them true, 
I’ll show you the way, you’ll know what to do” 

Who is wrong and who is right?
Yellow, brown, black or white?

Spaceman, he answered, “You’ll no longer mind
I’ve opened your eyes, you’re now colour-blind”

The spaceman looked human, but with black shiny eyes
He spoke brilliant English, his voice synthesised
Travelled the country just spreading the word
Of love and affection, he picked up a bird
The bird it was dead, but he made it just fine
He walked on the water, and turned it to wine
A young child he said, “Are you Christ in a mask?”
No I’m just magic but I can see why you’d ask

Spaceman came down (Spaceman)