Keith Bishop

Keith Bishop is an overweight, expressionless chap who works in the accounts department of Wernham Hogg. Most of Keith’s appearances in The Office are fleeting, except for his most lauded moment, the staff appraisal.

Keith seemed to get enjoyment out of the most mundane of conversations. His lunchtime chat with Tim comes to mind. He tells Tim that he watched Peak Practice on the telly the night before.

keith the office

Tim tells him he’s never seen it. Keith then says that it was a bloody repeat to which Tim replies, “that’s annoying, innit? Keith then says that it wasn’t annoying for him because he hadn’t seen it. His crunch line comes when he says:

“Boring isn’t just staying in watching Peak Practice with your life? Not for me, I like it.”

One of his other great lunch room scenes is with Dawn when he is dressed in an Ali G outfit. He asks Dawn if she has heard the gossip about Tim going out with Rachel. He tells Dawn that Tim used to fancy her, but now he’s found someone “better”.

Dawn mentions that she’s considering going on holiday to the US. Keith advises her to keep her travellers cheques in a bumbag. When Dawn suggests she’ll buy one in America, Keith issues her an additional word of warning:

“Out there they call them fanny packs.”

Keith’s appraisal is another standout moment in the series. He made absolutely no effort in completing his appraisal. Under strengths he put “accounts” and under weaknesses he put “eczema”.

He left the Q&A section completely blank. When Brent asked him each of the questions in person, he chooses the “don’t know” option on every single one.

Who Plays Keith Bishop?

Ewen MacIntosh plays Keith from The Office. He was born in Wales in 1973, went to Repton school and studied linguistics at Edinburgh University.

Since his career breakthrough in The Office, Macintosh has appeared in shows such as Miranda and Little Britain. He has appeared in films, Cabin Pressure and Finding Fatimah. Sadly, Ewen passed away on 21st February 2024 at the age of 50.

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